the Nuggets are looking to jettison some of their frontcourt crowd to highlight Jokic’s ability.

Okafor only enhances an already blatant 3-point shooting issue as a big who often camps in the paint. He takes 73 percent of shots from within 10 feet of the basket, and the already clogged lanes in Chicago would feel tighter with his presence. Defenses have no reason to follow him outside of the paint, and that could cause trouble for the rim-attacking talent Chicago does have. He doesn’t make up the difference as a poor offensive rebounder either.

Things aren’t all bad for Okafor. He’s a scorer who poured in 17.5 points per game as a rookie. He’s not even two years into his professional career, and at 21 years old, it’s far too soon to give up on the former Duke star’s potential. Bringing the former No. 3 pick to his hometown could provide Okafor a new environment he needs.

Now, the Nuggets are looking to jettison some of their frontcourt crowd to highlight Jokic’s ability.

Starting Jokic meant moving Nurkic to the bench—and for a time, sending the promising Nurkic out of the rotation altogether. The Nuggets were not happy with the way Nurkic took the demotion, and even though Nurkic is back in the big-man mix for Denver, league sources said the Nuggets are trying to include Nurkic in a package deal (possibly with forward Kenneth Faried) that could bring backcourt help and alleviate the team’s crowd up front.

There is a market for Nurkic, but because he is still on his rookie contract (making $1.9 million this year), the Nuggets would either have to include more salary, deal with a team Toronto Blue Jays Cheap Jerseys below the cap or find a third team to make a trade of Nurkic work.

That would be good news for Jokic, and for the Nuggets Soccer Cheap Jerseys offense. He is just 21, and a capable perimeter shooter. He ranks second in the league among centers in assists percentage (23.3, behind DeMarcus Cousins). Denver’s offensive efficiency jumps from 105.8 points per 100 possessions when Jokic is off the floor to 116.5 when he is on it.

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