NBA free agency: Despite angst in Boston, Celtics are combining The Process and the playoffs

The best outcome for the Celtics in the Paul George rent-a-thon would have been for him to land in Boston and eventually sign a new contract to stay put. That’s obvious. But the second-best outcome was the one that just transpired: George is out of the Eastern Conference, and playing for the Thunder, not the Lakers.

The fact the Celtics didn’t come away with either Jimmy Butler or George in the last four months is a source of great frustration for folks in New England, and team president Danny Ainge has been lampooned locally and nationally for it. The Celtics’ stockpile of assets was NFL 21 Cheap Jerseys supposed to lead to the acquisition of a star player, but those pursuits have continually come up empty. Resulting anger has mounted.

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Please, please stop wasting time with options like Derrick Rose and established players like Jeff Teague and Jrue Holiday. There’s $20 million or so in cap space for the Knicks, but they must accept the truth: There is no one free agent on this market (or two for that matter) who will turn things around for the franchise. Stop wishing it.

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