It’s exactly why he came to Golden State — to be an option, not a priority.

Curry is the face of the franchise replete with a squeaky-clean image, crafted in the most wholesome areas of Charlotte, N.C. and a dichotomous back story, rising to stardom from a mid-major as a privileged underdog. He’s a family man. His wife is a happy homemaker (when she’s not claiming the NBA is rigged after tough losses) and, doggone it, his kids are cute. He owns the league’s highest-selling jersey, sales that are helped by a flashy dribble and the most prolific 3-point shot the league has ever seen.

Green will likely earn the NBA’s Defensive Player of the Year award this season. He is the heart and soul of the Warriors, the boisterous, emotional leader who delivers inspiring halftime speeches when required. If anyone on the team needs a pat on the back or a kick in the rear end (or below the belt), he’s the one to administer them. For better or worse, Green is the Warriors’ hustle and muscle. He leads the team in rebounds (9.1), assists (7.3), blocks (2.6) and steals (2.0) per game in the playoffs. More importantly, he’s not afraid to be the bad guy and endure, if not initiate, altercations on the court. In the words of Scarface, you need people like Draymond.

In case you couldn’t already tell, the WR class was stacked in 2014. Evans exploded out of the gate with 12 touchdowns his rookie year, despite having Josh McCown and Mike Glennon throwing him the ball. He had a slightly down year in 2015 but still cleared 1,200 receiving yards. Evans and Jameis Winston developed a strong Cheap Jerseys Wholesale China chemistry, though, and last year he set new highs with 96 catches, 1,321, and 12 touchdowns.

Already a top-10 receiver, Evans doesn’t even turn 24 until August. He’s Cheap Jerseys Toronto the linchpin of a Bucs offense that keeps getting better by the year.

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